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Dianne Moscrip

Being born and raised here in New West, over the years I have lived in the following neighborhoods: Moody Park, Fraserview, the Quay, and Downtown New West. One of my favorite places to live was down at the New Westminster Quay, where I lived for about 15 years and loved it. What's not to love? It's quite pleasant. You can wander down the boardwalk and admire all the flowers lovingly tended to by New West Parks and Rec., watch the tugboats float by, and stop and chat with neighbors. It's relaxed! If you get a chance, visit the quay!

But recently, I decided it was time for a change and so I've moved to the Downtown area of New West where it's hipper, busier, and there's a bit more going on. It's certainly ever-changing as there's plenty of development in the area. It was time for me to move to a newer, more beautiful space and I'm loving it! I'm closer to the Westminster Pier Park, Queen's Park, and my ReMax Advantage office, so it's more convenient for me!

Call me if you're interested in viewing potential homes in my neighbourhood—Downtown New West, and/or the New Westminster Quay. Of course, I also work in other neighborhoods of New West, and the cities closest to New West. Let me assist in your home selling or home buying experience. Call Dianne today! 604.518-0573.

Dianne Moscrip

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