Step-by-step process for sellers

Listed below are the steps you'll take to complete your real estate transaction.

  1. If you have a tenant, ensure the correct notice is given to them so that they'll vacate in the time frame you want. Review this page of my website where it talks about where to locate the proper forms you'll need.
  2. In the next week, the buyers may want to arrange a home inspection. If they choose to go ahead with one, I'll be calling you to arrange access to (for condos) your suite, the parking garage, the roof, the boiler room (if there is one), mechanical room, and a few other areas within the complex. As well, the new buyers will want to view your storage locker so ensure the key is left out on the table and mark where the locker is located within the complex. (for houses) They'll want to view everything. Home inspections usually take 2 hours for condos and townhomes and up to 3 and 1/2 hours for houses.
  3. After the 5-7 business days, your subject removal date should arrive. Here the buyers may or may not remove subjects. If they remove, I'll receive copies of the subject removal form, signed pds, and a copy of the deposit cheque, which I'll forward to you. If they don't, I'll have to have you sign a release form so that we can move on and accept another offer.
  4. Once subjects are removed, you'll choose your notary public or lawyer to act on your behalf. You can scroll down this page or jump to the section where I've listed notary publics and lawyers in my area that you might find helpful.
  5. Then, we wait until completion date where you'll either call your notary public or lawyer and make the appointment at your convenience, or wait until they call you (and they'll request you attend their office at their convenience) where you'll sign all the paperwork. The notary public or lawyer will advise you when you'll receive your funds and review the Statement of Adjustments with you.
  6. After registration of the sale at Land Title's Office occurs, we're allowed to pass along the keys to the new buyer. I'll phone you to arrange a walk-through date and time. We will go through the suite (together) and ensure it's in good condition for the new buyer, as well as check the storage locker (together) to ensure it's empty and ready for the new buyer to put their belongings in it.

That's about it! You're ready to move along. Congratulations on your sale. I'm glad I was able to assist.

Dianne Moscrip

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